R3D3: Fun in the sun


Well the snacking went a bit overboard last night… Nothing terrible (rice crackers and almonds) but I didn’t finish eating early in time to do intermittent fasting. I guess there is a mindset thing here, but honestly I just felt like some late night snacking!

Weight: -0.3kg. Not a lot, but I’m glad that mainly sticking to the plan (not really a plan, clean eating) still results in a loss.

Breakfast: Didn’t get round to it.

Lunch: Big salad with an egg and some of the roasted cauliflower from last night. (T also had it with two eggs and said it was the nicest salad and had second helpings!)

Snacks: Homemade roasted almonds. Grenade protein bar in Birthday Cake flavour. (So cheery!)

Salad with red onion, green chilli, pomodorino tomatoes, avocado, red pepper, egg, roasted cauliflower, cucumber

Exercise: Had a headache so wasn’t going to do it but then felt like I should try so I ended up doing it. Quite proud of myself! On the app (Mark Lauren Bodyweight Training) it’s Week 3 of the basic course. So was harder than the last two weeks. It was interval training – 12 of each exercise x 3 with rests in between. Classic push ups, military press (a sort of lowered push of your head towards a raised item like a stool), close arm push ups on a raised item, and straight leg seated dips. I did find it harder but also more entertaining than last week as week 2 was the same as week 1 so I was getting bored.

Dinner: Managed to have an early dinner of gazpacho followed by an omelette with chilli, onion and garlic. I also use Deliciou vegan bacon spices on my omelettes… tbh it doesn’t taste of bacon but it tastes good.

Snacks: I ended up late night snacking again. But maybe not so bad for intermittent fasting as I didn’t start eating until lunchtime. Roasted spiced almonds, rice crackers (half as many as last night!), an apple and some grapes.

Other than that, lockdown life is perfectly fine. We had a nice day here again after some cold weather yesterday and B’s new paddling pool arrived so we got it out on the terrace. We are so lucky to have outside space in London! Most old flats don’t have outside space and ours is very old. (Wartime old.) So we’re really lucky and I feel especially lucky during lockdown when we aren’t really supposed to be leaving the house.

At the moment we are only taking B out 2-3 times a week. He’s coping well. I think he really loves being home with both of his parents as he’s been in full time nursery (daycare) since he was about 5 months old. So to him it’s fun! Dog is also happy with things as he loves company. Usually T does the morning walk and I do the evening one as we are only supposed to go out once a day ideally, for “exercise”. I think we could go out again (eg for essential shopping) but we try and limit it.

The paddling pool I got is actually a dog pool! So it’s a bit hardier. We’ve found the inflatables aren’t that long lasting and they easily blow away etc. So this will hopefully last!

I think it will feel really strange to get back to the old work life balance. It feels like I have more life than work right now, and I like it that way.

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  1. I like the attitude you are taking to this time of distancing. I try to see it as a gift in some ways. I realize being penned in together is rough for a lot of families, so I’m really appreciating my family and the peace in this house.

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    1. Nara says:

      Aww thanks. Yes, I’m counting it as a blessing. This whole thing has made me take stock and appreciate friends and family. I feel lucky we are able to deal with lockdown fairly easily, if not even enjoy it! I honestly feel blessed (secularly) to be able to spend so much time with my family… especially B, as I had to go back to work so early after he was born. I hope you’re enjoying your family time!

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      1. I am. And glad that you are too. But you are right, relatively speaking, we have it pretty easy.

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  2. That salad looks gorgeous. It’s all I’ve been craving lately but don’t have all the ingredients and I have a very specific one in mine lol.


    1. Nara says:

      Oh what have you been craving? I love avocado but it has to be a proper ripe one but not too ripe… avocados are such disappointments! 😂


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