R3D4: Drinks night!


Every Thursday since lockdown I’ve been hosting a virtual drinks evening with my girlfriends. It started as just a random idea to connect with some friends I hadn’t seen for a while, but has grown into a tradition. We have a WhatsApp group, pick a theme for how we are going to dress (tonight’s is Activewear) and we come along with drinks in hand for a chat.

Tonight will be the fifth one so that means we have been in lockdown for 5 weeks! (Our little family went into lockdown the week before.) It’s strange how it becomes a new way of life.

Weight: I realised why I felt chubby – it was period bloat. Got my period yesterday / today (sort of light yesterday, I guess it’ll be full today and hell tomorrow). Hence the desire to eat carbs. Anyway I did -0.5kg so that’s not all bad. That’s -1.6kg in total so far this round which is 3.5lbs so I can do this thing!

Breakfast: Green smoothie.

Snack: Almonds.

Lunch: Massive green salad with tomatoes, egg, cucumber, chilli, pepper, red onion, etc. Was good! I decided to add some chopped apple too and it was a good addition!

The stuff before it went in the salad

Snack: Rice crackers, almonds, a Grenade Gingerbread bar.

Dinner: A small serving of gazpacho (what was left in the carton) and an omelette with onion, chilli and garlic plus vegan spices. I enjoyed it!

We then had our Skype drinks and had a blast. It’s really fun catching up with my girlfriends. They don’t really all know each other but now (week 5), a lot of them kind of do. I feel like we should be able to have a good catch up after lockdown.

We always finish in time for the NHS clap. It’s quit heartening hearing and seeing people clap. Makes you feel like maybe we are all on the same team!

Have actually had great experiences of community whilst on lockdown. My neighbours have bought us stuff. And I’ve cooked for them. We are in a small building with not many flats and we know most of them so that feels quite nice. I ended up giving two lots of neighbours eggs and they bought stuff for us when they found it, so it’s nice. I also gave them some of my cooking. (poor them!)

Today our homeschooling was quite lax and involved us mainly filling the paddling pool to try and get it to a palatable temperature! B eventually went in but not for long. It was quite chilly! We are thinking we’ll try and potty train him next week. We shall see. T is way more optimistic than I am. I think B is like me… stubborn! We already have reward charts, potty, mini toilet, large toilet seat etc. He’s not motivated by reward! And we aren’t really the types to do the stick approach.

I guess on one side there’s no great need to do it any more as we wanted to do it in time for the cruise – which is looking less likely to go ahead.

I am enjoying lockdown mainly but I do hope that we will get back to normality… only so we can go on holiday!

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