R3D7: Resisting temptation (or not!)


Seriously – trying to diet during lockdown is like fighting a battle where the odds are stacked against you! My neighbours just brought round two massive slices of homemade cheesecake… It’s insane.

Weight: -0.3kg. Could be better. Could be worse.

Breakfast: We got up really late (it’s the weekend!) so I just had an apple after I walked the dog.

Lunch: A big salad. I’m not going to keep posting photos of salads because that would be boring!

Snacks: A few almonds. Some rice crackers. Then my neighbours brought round the aforementioned cheesecake.

This should be illegal

So I didn’t eat much of it, but I did have a few spoonfuls (without the biscuit base or the Kinder Bueno chocolate bars). OMG. Seriously why do they do this to me?! Okay before I threw it away I had a few more spoonfuls but I really didn’t eat it all, I promise. (I also feel conflicted as don’t like waste, but B would only have a few mouthfuls and T didn’t want any because he doesn’t like cheesecake!) It tasted amazing, a bit like non alcoholic Baileys…

Briony messaged me this morning saying she was desperate for roast chicken. (She can’t go out because she is having chemo.) I went out to get some for her. The queue was really long and people were socially distancing so that was good. I managed to get her a couple of whole chickens and some packs of chicken too, as she’d said she wanted chicken thighs. It reminded me how much I don’t like chicken any more now I’ve been vegetarian for about two years! So strange to think I used to eat it.

I dropped off the stuff for Briony and her husband. I also managed to get her some eggs. And I got us some eggs too. It feels great after the egg shortage to have plenty of eggs!

I also dropped round a necklace that we found when clearing out. (T has mainly been doing the clearing. I did do B’s clothes the other week. We are slowly getting through our home jobs which is great.) I think someone gave it to me years ago… I have a feeling it was my ex sister-in-law… I never wore it because it wasn’t my thing but I never threw it out because I felt bad as it was a gift. It was a really long necklace with lots of different stones on. Quite hippy-ish I guess. I thought Briony might like it as she loves her rocks and crystals! And she did! So that was great because I didn’t have to throw it away and it went to someone who would appreciate it.

Yesterday I gave away a barely worn pair of shoes to a neighbour and she gave me a Jo Malone candle in return (a tiny one – was unexpected as I’d been happy to give the shoes for free), which seemed like a very good deal for me! She was thrilled with the shoes. I liked them a lot but I wore them twice and they totally hurt my feet and so I thought I’d give them away. We also have tonnes of clothes to give away now that I’ve sorted through B’s closet. I’m not quite Marie Kondo but I’m slowly improving and I have to say it feels good to get rid of clutter!

Exercise: I’m actually amazed with myself that I managed to do my exercises today. It was legs day, intervals. 12 repetitions and 3 of each of 4 exercises – Bulgarian split squats, side lunges, slow squats, one legged Romanian deadlifts (the crazy one where I always feel like I’ll tip over). I didn’t feel like doing it (still have period) but I did, so I felt good I managed it. Especially after the cheesecake.

Snacks: Almonds, rice crackers, apple. Fewer than yesterday though as I felt bad because of the cheesecake.

Dinner: I feel really proud of myself as I made courgette (zucchini) fritters and they were gluten free and fairly healthy / on plan, I think. I used one courgette, one red chilli, about a quarter of a red onion, garlic powder, cumin seeds and two eggs. They tasted so great! I feel excited especially as I have two more courgettes in the fridge and loads of eggs, as it makes a change from salad but is still on plan!

So, a day of ups and downs. The cheesecake definitely wasn’t on plan but I managed not to snack as much and I did my exercise so maybe one will cancel out the other? We can but hope! I did both the dog walks today, and we played a lot of imaginary games with B, and I feel that even though we didn’t really do much, we still achieved something.

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