R3D8: Week 2, or 6, or 8


It’s another week. Our sixth in lockdown and for our family that’s seven I guess, because we went into lockdown a week early. Strange to think we’ve been doing it so long.

Weight: A miraculous -0.5kg! -2kg from start of round. Could be better, could be worse. Also I’m finishing my period so I guess that water retention is going away maybe.

Breakfast: I didn’t get round to it because I had to get up and get on calls. But I had a few snacks.

Snacks: Almonds and rice crackers. Got to cut those rice crackers! Maybe will try and do so after today. An apple.

Lunch: Large green salad. Chilli dressing. My mouth is still burning! Two eggs, cucumber, red pepper, red onion. It wasn’t a very varied one and it wasn’t very big either so I just did a minimal effort one as T wasn’t having it either.

Snacks: Almonds and an apple. And a Grenade bar (cookies and cream!). Oh and then I had another one just because (choc raspberry). I wanted a chocolate hit. This evening I also had two jelly snakes (vegetarian). I guess we know where I’m going wrong with all the snacks, but it does me good to write it out and be accountable!

Exercise: None. Got to knuckle down this week, but I just feel sooo tired today. Think it’s the hayfever meds and the period painkillers combined. I was dead on my feet.

Dinner: I made a really nice dinner! A tomato salad with olives and basil and red onion, and courgette fritters. Got them down to a fine art now!

Today we took a load of B’s old clothes and some of ours, and old toys to a collection for people in need. We had been thinking we would sell the jumperoo but in the end T suggested we donate it to a family in need. It freed up a load of space in our flat. And hopefully people will benefit from our old stuff. It’s really difficult keeping on top of tidying etc when we are all home all day, so it makes a difference!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a more productive day!

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