R3D10: Up (and hopefully down)


Well that wasn’t a successful weight loss day! Gonna have to do better today.

Weight: +0.2kg, -2.2kg from this round. Not so good! I suppose that’s what banana bread and constant snacking will do…

Breakfast: Skipped straight to lunch. It’s just so strange right now timings wise, I don’t have to get up early and so I tend to fast until lunchtime. Which probably helps with the whole intermittent fasting thing as I’m not managing to finish eating early!

Salad life

Lunch: A big salad in the sun. One egg, green leaves, red pepper, red onion, avocado, chilli, cucumber. It was nice. I also had one small piece of B’s garlic bread. (Bad… but good.) And some jelly snakes but now the packet is finished! Hurrah! I had a tiny taste of the banana loaf I made last night but barely any. T ate most of it and said it was good!

My snacking is a bit out of control! But on the plus side my last stash of almonds is out, so at least I’m stopping that! Haha. Stay… away… from… the rice crackers!

I definitely think there is an effect on eating because of lockdown. (Incidentally it seems like we in the UK are calling it lockdown and it sounds like in the US etc maybe they’re calling it quarantine?) When I’m out at work I can only eat the food I bring. And I drink water and (cinnamon or fruit) tea regularly. So it’s easier to stay on plan because I just don’t have the food with me.

Here at home it’s like, it’s all here accessible to me. And I think lockdown has a psychological effect. Food shortages put a mental block in place. And the desire to bake, nurture, whatever. It’s all very strange. I didn’t think I’d find it this hard to lose weight, based on last year.


Exercise: I did my exercise for the day! It was mainly floor work – 12x3x4 exercises: Leg raises, hyperextensions, Russian twists, swimmers. Either I was doing it wrong or it was super easy. At least I did it!

Snack: Grenade bar, salted caramel choc chip – I’m running out of Grenade bars and I’m glad! Later I had half of a gingerbread one. But… no rice cakes today! I also had two tiny pieces of vegan chocolate after dinner.

Dinner: I very responsibly had an omelette with chilli, onion and garlic. Two eggs plus water – makes it fluffier I think. It was delicious! I add loads of spices to it. It’s a good meal!

I also prepped some cauliflower for tomorrow (roasted with spices) but I had a bit of a fail and burned them! Oh well. I do like them crispy! It should be fine in tomorrow’s salad.

I think today has been better though by no means perfect. I felt today’s exercises were a bit easy… Tomorrow I’ll be working harder!

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  1. I think of quarantine as for people who test positive and lockdown for those of us who are not infected, but isolating anyway. I think people interchange the terms. You certainly seem to keep busy – this program you are on seems require a lot of attention and work.


    1. Nara says:

      Oh I’m not really busy! I am just blogging about the diet really which means I write about it more than I probably deal with it during the day!


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