R3D11: Plugging away


Well, I was sure I would have managed better yesterday but I woke up, weighed myself and… no change! Gah! I also feel super hayfevery (itchy nose and eyes) so that’s annoying. I seem to be stuck around this same weight or thereabouts. It’s annoying!

Weight: No change. -2.2kg for this round. Then I went to the loo (TMI!) and -0.2kg so that’s something. But essentially no change!

Breakfast: I’ve decided just to forego breakfast at the moment because with intermittent fasting it means I get to eat dinner a bit later, which makes it a bit more manageable when we are all at home together. I try and glug a load of water with a prebiotic anyway when I remember.

Lunch: Made a salad with the cauliflower I roasted last night, red pepper, red onion, santorini tomatoes, avocado, egg and leaves. It’s pretty great even though I burned the cauliflower! Ate it out in the sun.

Snacks: 1.5 Grenade bars (I ate half of one last night, gingerbread and cookie dough.)

It’s a lovely day out but didn’t get to do much with it as B was in a naughty mood and I just wasn’t feeling it. So quite a frustrating morning including a fair amount of screaming (him) and raised voice (me). I’m also feeling quite frustrated lately because T is working all the time and I am prepping food, looking after B, trying to squeeze in the odd call – but as I’m the less busy parent I have to do most of the parenting. It’s very frustrating and I’m tired of it! I do enjoy being at home but feeling a bit taken for granted at the moment.

Luckily this evening it’s my drinks evening (regular lockdown thing) and that’s always a laugh. Funnily enough I’m mainly only drinking on a Thursday. I know a lot of people have been drinking more but I’m okay just doing it then most of the time. I’ve maybe had the odd drink but I don’t really feel I’ve increased my alcohol consumption. So that’s something!

Running out of fresh food at home now so will have to pop out this pm or tomorrow to get supplies. We have plenty of dried / frozen / tinned so could survive a while in the apocalypse but whilst we can still have fresh food I’m preferring that as I think we need to try and stay healthy given how much we are staying indoors.

Lockdown has made me a bit more inventive in my cooking at least.

Some of my lockdown leftovers cooking!

Had my drinks this evening. Week 6 of lockdown! Crazy. Tonight we had an 80s theme. It was funny! I did my attempt at 80s makeup.

Snacks: Because you can’t drink without them. I had some chocolate from B’s Easter stash. And a small tub of mango and raspberry ice cream!

And post drinks… I raided B’s Easter chocolate and cheese straws! An occupational hazard of drinking I guess!

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