R3D12: Friday night

Felt so allergic waking up this morning. Got up “late” as B and I usually have a lie in, in this new normal… Then realised I had a last minute meeting in my diary which was actually sent to me 5 mins after it started so I managed to join pretty quickly, all the while feeding B (from me!) as he likes to do that in the mornings… whilst trying to watch a tech presentation. (Yes I do have a camera cover and made sure the cover was closed!) Then my boss called me directly after to find out my thoughts. Luckily T had come back from the dog walk and taken B by that time!

Weight: I had some pretty weird dreams last night all about all the cheese straws and chocolate I ate after drinks, imagining that I’d have put on loads of weight. But actually it was +0.2kg (which was what I “lost”) yesterday so really it’s no change. -2.2kg this round.

I have a DietBet running and I need to lose a bit more weight by the end of next week in order to meet it. I’m not worried about achieving it as I know I can fast to meet it but I would rather not… but I’d have to be pretty strict next week OR do a few days fasting to meet it. Not sure on the timelines so will have to figure that out.

This all sounds a bit hairy I agree; however it’s only been an issue because I had Easter off plan for almost two weeks and that kind of set me back with more to lose than I’d usually have to. I usually keep on a downward trajectory rather than allowing myself so much time off plan. But I did enjoy the Easter eating so no regrets! Just got to work a bit harder now.

Lunch: I ate the leftover courgette fritters from last night. I LOVE courgette fritters. I think I have a problem! There were six, but they’re pretty small. I made them with one courgette, two eggs, a red chilli and about a quarter of a red onion, some garlic powder and cumin seeds and cayenne. I reckon I had just over half a serving so not too bad. Also had some dried mango – a small serving. Turns out B likes it too!

Exercise: I’d intended to do the app exercises today but schedule didn’t really allow it. I had to go out for essentials shopping which took a while, during the time when B was asleep. However I did end up bringing back a huge rucksack and two shopping bags so I did exert myself a bit! And the dog walk I usually do in the evening. So not completely inactive.

Dinner: Had a big salad with an avocado, mixed leaves, red chilli, red onion, santorini tomatoes and an egg. It was really nice! I think the large avocado ratio helped. Had a Grenade bar for dessert. (Birthday cake flavour.)

Snack: A small apple. Almonds. I made a new batch and had a few too many. Had 2 tiny slivers of cheese.

It’s the weekend! Not that you can tell. A pretty boring sort of day! I’m staying up late reading as I hope to have a lie in tomorrow. (We shall see. B may have other ideas.)

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