R3D13: A quickie


Argh! I deleted my post! So I’ll have to rewrite it. So it will be brief!

Weight: Finally a drop! -0.5kg, -2.7kg overall. Just under 6lbs. Pretty sure I erased that today!

Lunch: Big green salad, the usual. Although I did have a piece of B’s garlic bread. Sue me!

Exercise: Arms! I’m getting better! Intervals of push ups, military press, close arm pushups on raised surface, seated dips.

Snacks: Apple, dried mango, almonds, rice crackers… too many! It’s the weekend!

Dinner: Massive omelette.

It all went downhill after dinner. I got in the weekend mood. T was clearing out the kitchen and found some Percy Pig sweets. I ate those! And then made a small batch of chocolate flourless cookies as I wanted chocolate.

On the plus side we were feeling frisky so the title is apt! Haha. Generally a rather naughty day!

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