R3D14: Slow progress


Well after my chocolate cookies yesterday it could have been a lot worse!

Weight: +0.3kg, -2.4kg overall.

Last night stayed up really late talking. Which is quite a change, as usually T goes to sleep before I do. It was nice, like old times. Then I fell asleep for about an hour and then I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep for hours! So I randomly bought things on the internet… Crazy! I ordered a crochet blanket kit because I don’t know why?! I don’t know how to crochet but somehow got it in my head that it might be a cute thing to do (crochet squares that join together to make a blanket) and we are obsessed by blankets in this house. At least I ordered the kit that was £20 instead of the original one I saw that was £60! I thought it might provide a good lockdown hobby… because obviously I have time to sit around crocheting?!

I forgot to mention yesterday we were talking about potty training B. He’s very resistant. We’ve tried everything – reward charts, potty, toilet seat, stickers, even a little mini toilet that flushes… except from actually sticking him in pants and doing it. Yesterday I read some e book about how to potty train your child in three days. So we think we’ll try it on the next bank holiday. Think it’ll be horrific! But lockdown does seem to be the ideal time to do it. One of my middle of the night purchases was kids’ pants…

Lunch: I made possibly my best courgette fritters yet. Think I have a problem! My friends say I need to go to Courgette Fritters Anonymous. These ones I felt the mix was a bit eggy so I added half a small red pepper. They were so good.

I had to laugh at myself how obsessed I am. I even found a mini Tupperware box (T is clearing the kitchen) so I have an emergency fritter box!

Snack: Felt a bit hungry so had a few small slivers of cheese and some almonds.

Then B wouldn’t eat his garlic bread… It’s my downfall! Got to stop buying it! He does usually love it though. Two pieces and one “knob” as my mother used to call it. Oh dear.

Exercise: As I had hardly any sleep last night I was tired so just did the dog walk.

Dinner: Green salad with tomatoes, olives, onion, red pepper, egg.

I then felt really hungry after dinner!

Snacks: Almonds. Corn cake. (Weirdly tasteless.) Still hungry so cracked open the rice crackers! Probably going to be fasting next week! And then I discovered the chocolate ginger cookies I’d hidden from myself… oh dear… They were so good though. Definitely need to fast next week! I guess it’s Ramadan so maybe I just need to get in the zone!

Also, what do you call this time? I’ve seen:

Lockdown (primarily British)

Quarantine (primarily American I think)


What do you call it?

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