R3D15: Oh dear


Well I knew I shouldn’t have had the chocolate ginger biscuits last night! I guess I’m that person who always just thinks they can go hard at the last minute (deadline this Saturday; it’s Monday) and I’ve always been like that. Oh dear!

Weight: +0.7kg, -1.7kg down this round. I need to lose 3.5kg by the end of this week! Totally possible but not that fun.

Also I woke up with a really sore foot. This is a really crazy niggle that started about a week ago and I think was because I did the Bulgarian Split Squats last Sunday (a week and a day ago). It’s just the one foot but maybe I strained it somehow and it’s been getting worse over the last week and now really hurts.

My next workout is supposed to include the Bulgarian Split Squats again so not sure if I should do it or not. I’m guessing not? You put your foot behind you on something raised then squat down. I found them pretty easy enough, just odd on balance so must have strained one foot somehow. The other foot is fine!

Pre-lunch: I had my remaining courgette fritters from yesterday. They were great!

Late lunch/afternoon tea: Big salad. The usual! Two eggs.

Snack: One crisp from each packet we found when clearing out the kitchen. Just to try! Haha. Then found the chocolate toffees. I have it in my head I’m fasting tomorrow so I guess I’m just getting the snacks in.

T has been clearing the house. I really don’t deserve him. He knows I’m rubbish at any kind of tidying and so I think he’s just decided to do it and it really helps us enjoy the space more. Definitely picked a good partner and thankful we are in lockdown with our little family!

Exercise: We did a little Diddi Dance routine – kids’ dance classes – via fb live. But my foot still hurts so I’m laying off today. I also have developed toothache so not really feeling it. I quite often get a pain when food gets stuck in my back teeth but I can’t get it out (flossing etc). It’s a nasty sort of pain!

Dinner: I made a big omelette but then decided I didn’t want to eat it all so only ate half (probably just over one egg). Which is weird as I felt really hungry. It had onion, garlic and chilli in. I usually love these omelettes but I just wasn’t feeling it. In these food scarce times, T finished it!

Snack: Salted caramel choc chip Grenade bar. My new batch of protein bars arrived today (thank you Posted Protein), it’s like they read my mind.

My tooth is still bothering me probably after an extensive flossing session. Hopefully this will go away but may help with any fasting I need to do this week!

Aside, spending all this time as a family has been great, if tiring. And especially with B. I feel like he’s come on such a lot in terms of speech. Maybe it’s having two of us there all the time. Even though he’s having a lot of screen time. He’s coping really well with lockdown and doesn’t want to go back to preschool at all.

His little best friend came by today and we waved from the balcony. It was so cute. We wrote her a letter and I delivered it last night on my dog walk, so she came by to say thanks. It was only after that he seemed a little bit subdued, and he was cuddling his toy hippo. (She has a matching one from Build A Bear they went to for their belated birthday trip.) But generally he’s been happy to be home and not go out other than on our terrace, and so I feel grateful as so many friends with kids seem to be going mad!

Dog is enjoying it too. I think it’s his dream to have humans around all the time. I do wonder what it’ll be like once lockdown is over, trying to go back to normal life. I’m sure we will really miss it now that we’ve had this chance to be together all the time. I’ll be happy to see friends and family but I think I’ll miss our bubble.

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