R3D16: Small things


Well at least it didn’t get any worse overnight!

Weight: No change, -1.7kg in total. Post loo: another -0.2kg, so -1.9kg in total.

Going to go hard this week as I want to hit a target by Saturday. This isn’t recommended as such but I’m that kind of competitive person who doesn’t like to lose. Which means it will probably be quite a boring week reporting wise. So I’ll probably just report back on Saturday and let you know how I got on!

I’ve made a nice bread order for when I’m off plan again… and I’m debating some cheese and chocolate. But also don’t want to be off plan for weeks because it’s a pain getting back on!

I realise that I could just sack it all off but I have this DietBet going and I kind of want to win it if I can. It keeps me motivated.

Aside from that I found that one of my favourite insta accounts @morganharpernichols had some incredibly apt art today!

I will have joy for the small things

A few small things I’ve had joy in lately:

  • B’s speech is coming along so well. It’s incredible how much he’s advanced in six, seven weeks at home. I guess even with screen time he’s hearing a lot more speech from adults and getting 1:1 and 2:1 attention.
  • I sent a delivery of pies to my parents. They were so happy! They called me up today and were over the moon! And it was such a small thing just to make a little order. I keep trying to find ways to show people caring remotely… Food is a good way! (If you’re in the UK, http://www.mypie.london/store – and use code SHIPPING05 for cheaper delivery.)
  • Our local seamstress gave me homemade cloth masks for free, and I asked her what I could donate and said we had plenty of eggs, so we did a switch and she was really happy to have eggs! We are barely going out (B only goes on the balcony, very rarely out of the house) and I wore one on my dog walk this evening and it was nice and cosy. (Was raining so nobody out really so probably didn’t need it. But worth getting into the habit.)
  • Still really enjoying spending time with family and grateful that we both still have our jobs and are able to work from home. I’m so grateful to be able to spend time with B as I had such short maternity leave. Yes it’s a bit stressful at times and we lose patience but overall it is a gift of time with my family. I’m very grateful.

See you on the other side!

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