R3D21: Smashed it!


The good news is that I met my diet goal for this month. It was hard going but I managed it. I’m not going to advocate what I did – nothing horrific but I didn’t eat much last week. Drank a lot of water. Definitely need to have fewer days off this month!

I actually met my goal yesterday but I had a kind of hairy day because one DietBet’s weigh in was 1-2 May and one was 3-4. The rule is that if you get a verified weigh in within 48hrs then you can reuse it for another weigh in, so I was delighted yesterday when I met the second DietBet’s goal (the second one is harder / lower) but cautious in case I couldn’t reuse it.

Weight: -5.5kg this round yesterday, no change today.

So yesterday I waited until my weight was verified to eat. But I did eat a bit and was a little concerned my weight would go up in case I had to weigh in today. So I stayed broadly on plan. For lunch I had a large green salad. (On plan.) But… I did make B and T pasta and I had a few spoonfuls of spaghetti and sauce (pasta is completely off plan and I haven’t had it lately). And for dinner I had courgette fritters. Broadly on plan.

So it was a relief today when my weight hadn’t changed. Although the bigger relief was that I could reuse my weigh in from yesterday for today’s weigh in. Which meant I have won another two rounds of DietBets. Hurrah!

Now the plan is not to put too much back on. But of course I’ve been thinking about enjoying myself a little too much once that bet was over!

Today I feel like I’ve been okay. I had leftover courgette fritters, and I didn’t go nuts on the usually off plan snacks but I did have some chocolate and whatnot.

Tonight T wanted to have a takeaway (I think he’s tired of me being on plan!) so we ordered Indian from our favourite place and thankfully it was still open and quickly arrived.

So trashy but so enjoyable! Haha. It was paneer tikka masala, special fried rice, tarka daal, Bombay potato, garlic naan. And there’s plenty left for tomorrow.

Carrying on the theme of brief off plan… tomorrow I have a bakery box arriving and I’m beyond excited. Croissants, bagels, muffins! And Tuesday I have a cheese delivery. I’ll try and keep off plan to a few days rather than a whole week this time.

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  1. kimi says:

    You keep smashing your bets! This is clearly a good strategy for you 😉


    1. Nara says:

      Haha thanks! Yeah I just don’t like to lose. I need to have less time off plan though to make it more enjoyable and not have to lose it all at the end!

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