COVID diaries – Day 8


So I tested positive for Covid. Happy new year to me!

It’s not really been notable so far other than on Boxing Day I started feeling a loss of sense of taste and smell. I tried to get a postal test as I thought that would be best. It arrived quickly but then I couldn’t test until Tuesday (29th December) as that’s when the post was due to be collected. So I did it then. But then our post wasn’t collected and I only found out on Wednesday 30th, so I managed to book a drive through test for Thursday 31st.

The test itself isn’t bad at all, just uncomfortable. It made me gag to put the swab in my mouth – you’re meant to swab your tonsils with it and then stick the same swab up your nose. Gross! Good thing I couldn’t smell anything I suppose.

Collection of the test was very efficient. I just handed it in (contactless) after they’d scanned it and matched up my details.

In 24hrs I had a positive result via text message and email. So I have to isolate until 5 Jan, end of day. T and B also have to do the same. T got a test yesterday (1st) so we may have to go into a new isolation block.

The majority of my symptoms have just been the loss of taste and smell, but I also had a bit of sinus pain and a stuffy nose. Now on day 8 I am feeling a bit better in some ways – my taste started coming back yesterday – but a bit worse also, as I feel like I’m getting a slight cough. But I can’t tell if that’s psychosomatic.

We do have a blood oxygen tester so I’ve checked that and it’s been okay. Really it just feels like a cold but obviously when you read the media you start worrying a bit. T says he wants me to prep a hospital bag, but I’m not sure what would go in it?

So far T (partner) and B (3 year old, almost 4) have been absolutely fine. B has been sleeping with me and T has been sleeping downstairs on the floor! Usually we all sleep together. Also – I’m one of those terrible hippies who does natural term weaning and so I’m still breastfeeding B. Not very often, just night and morning but actually now I think it’s a good idea to keep going.

I feel lucky (so far) that I don’t seem to have been affected in a bad way. But I am also quite shocked to have it as I’ve followed all the rules and work a mask and social distanced etc.

Not sure where I could have caught it from. We did do some present deliveries before Christmas but kept apart from people. It just goes to show that even when you are careful you can still catch it.

So anyway I’m wondering how this will all pan out. Last few days I’ve felt very tired and I feel tired today (it’s 8pm) so might go to bed early. Which is not like me! So maybe tiredness is also affecting me.

Will update on further symptoms! Here is an entirely un-alarming chart on how I can expect it to go… I think anxiety about Covid is probably worse than the actual symptoms!

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  1. TAO says:

    Keep updating us please.


  2. TAO says:

    I woke up this morning thinking about you and wondering how are you Nara.


    1. Nara says:

      Thanks TAO! I’m okay, just very tired. Didn’t wake up until gone 2pm here. Have developed a cough but it’s not that bad.


      1. TAO says:

        Thanks for answering, I’m a worry-wort by nature. Be kind to yourself, sleep and drink lots of water.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. TAO says:

        How are you now Nara?


      3. Nara says:

        Hi sorry for radio silence! Been busy with kid birthday stuff. I’m feeling much better today! I have been signed off till end next week. Today was the first day I felt quite a lot better. I’ve been told not to rush back to work as people then get setbacks. Hopefully won’t happen!


      4. TAO says:

        So happy to hear you’re feeling better.

        I can speak to the danger of overdoing it, not covid related, but even now 15+ years in, my body rebels if I overdo it and I’m down for a couple of days. Do the minimum, let your body do what it needs to do without you interrupting the healing.

        So happy to hear from you.

        Liked by 1 person

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