COVID Diaries – Day 11


Day 10 or 11, I’m not sure whether you’re supposed to count the day you first realised you had symptoms (Boxing Day).

In theory I’m allowed out tomorrow which to my mind is crazy as I feel worse today than I’ve felt for most of the days.

Summary – on Boxing Day I started losing my taste and smell. This continued about a week.

Yesterday and the day before (days 9-10) I had a bit of a cough but conversely I actually felt better and got my appetite back because I could taste. I think my smell is a lot better now.

Yesterday I started feeling tired and my cough was probably the worst it’s been. But I did have an appetite the past two days. Had an Indian takeaway the day before yesterday and had (vegan) pizza yesterday. I couldn’t face some stuff, it was weird.

Today I didn’t wake up until 14:30ish. I was really tired. And I’ve felt exhausted all day. I kind of thought I was hamming it up a bit but today I definitely wasn’t and I just felt whacked.

Last night lying in bed I felt quite nauseous. Today I just had a big headache and sinus ache. I’m not really coughing much. I just feel completely whacked. It’s past 11pm and I’ve been lying in bed for the past few hours. I usually don’t go to bed early and I don’t need much sleep but considering I only got out of bed gone 3pm I really wouldn’t expect to be in bed now. I just feel exhausted.

I still don’t have real covid symptoms like I haven’t had a temperature at all and my cough was mostly yesterday and seems barely there now. My taste and smell seems largely back.

Luckily B seems fine and T tested negative so they seem okay. T has been sleeping downstairs on the floor. B is sleeping with me and I still breastfeed him a bit so I’m hoping that helps. Once he’s asleep I move to the bottom of the bed (top and tail) so I’m not breathing on him more than necessary.

I’m only typing this now after lying in bed for a few hours. After lying on the sofa for most of the day. It’s really weird. I feel ill but nothing like normal ill.

Part of me is also worried about all these stories about what happens. But I don’t seem to have had normal symptoms so hopefully I’ll just recover.

Have not been working. My boss messaged me a bit on my personal phone as I haven’t checked my work phone. I think I shouldn’t have to be working right now but I am thinking I’ll go back to work next week if I feel better. (Working from home.)

B is addicted to Pete the Cat so that’s been a bit of a babysitter. And a game called Kings and Queens on the iPad which is a logic game and I’m really impressed he can manage it at almost 4.

Hoping to feel better tomorrow!

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